Advisory Council Members

The Advisory Council on Aging (ACoA) is one of several advisory committees within the Coastal Bend Council of Governments (CBCOG). ACoA reviews and recommends on matters relating to development and administration of the Area Plan and operations conducted there under. Recommendations from the ACoA are then submitted to the CBCOG Board for final approval. ACoA membership reflects the geographic and socio-economic distribution of the region’s population, and including consumers, providers of services and general public. Special effort is made to include membership from local MHMR, DADS RLS, DADS Regulatory, and local Center for Independent Living and Veterans Services. CBCOG Board consists of representatives from member counties and incorporated municipalities.

Both the ACoA and CBCOG meet monthly.

The ACoA meets monthly on the second Monday of the month at 2:00 pm in the large conference room located at 2910 Leopard St. Corpus Christi, Texas.

If you have concerns about issues facing older adults in your community, contact an Advisory Council on Aging member serving your county.


County/Name (Exp. Date)

Alanzo, Richard (2019)

Cantu, Rodolfo (2021)

Dorsey, Carolyn (2022)

Fallwell-Stover, Linda (2020)

Gagnon, Deborah A. (2021)

Garcia, Inez C. (2020)

Leija, Jesus A. (2023), Vice Chairman

Morrow, Frances (2019)

Payne,Cindy G. (2019)

Perez, Cindy (2021), Chairperson

Spencer, Josette (2023)

Rural Nueces:

Alfeo, Aurelio (2020)

Saenz, Ruben (2022)


Mays, Rebecca L. (2020)


Ferguson, Ralph (2021)

Salazar, Victor (2021)

Silvas, Anna Marie (2021)


Martinez, Ana M. (2020)

Jim Wells:

Morales,  Ernesto L. (2020)


Aleman, Enrique (2023)

Schulz, Chuck (2022)

San Patricio:

Cureton, Gloria (2023), Secretary

Larson, Pamela A. (2020)

Segovia, Johnny (2021)

Trevino, Nina G. (2023)

West, Annita (2020)